Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[MOD] Your S4 is to quiet? BOOST your Volume!

So you want to boost your S4's Volume simple? No problem!
Thx to XDA member contrinsan for creating the Sound mod for the S4. It's only a single File that thas been changed and it works on all Roms on Kitkat base (AOSP,AOKP,TW,CM,MIUI,.....)

For easy install i just created 3 Flash able files for you

1. Default Sound S4

2. Medium Sound Boost

3.Super Sound Boost

As contrinsan say's:

Don't put at maximum volume with the Super Soundboost if your music is recorded loud allready, you and only you are responsible for your ears and device so use with caution!!!

Link to the original Thread:

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