Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[MOD] Game Lag Fix!

I have searched on XDA for a fix that the Games are lagging on i9505 with CM or CM Based Rom's and i found the solution!

Thx to XDA Member nfsmw_gr who had similar problems on his S4. In his Thread he has made a script that will set your'e min power level of GPU to 0 (0 is Max 450mhz)
(This can cause overheating the Phone and more Battery drain.
That is Why he made 1 script to enable and 2 script to desable this mod.)

But i have looked in to the Touchwiz Rom and the Stock value in min power level there is 2 and in CM it is 3. So this means in CM the GPU can go deaper in the mhz and this caused the Game lag's.
I modified his script and make it work as an init.d script and now it will set the min level on Stock Samsung values (2)!

I have tried this and as a sample Asphalt 8 on High Graphic run's Smooth without Lag's as on the Touchwiz Rom.

Download the Script and flash it in your'e Recovery!
(This Script is for all I9505 Roms)


  1. it works thank you

  2. Perfect , work like a charm, but I testing

  3. This script cause overheating or battery drain?

  4. Hi

    I cant do this properly.

    I dont understand it.

    I have downloaded the zip file you provided for the latest MIUI for the Galaxy S4 (I9505) it has taken me to a zip file which includes files such as 'data' META-INF and system.

    What do i do now?

    I have already rooted the phone.
    Not done custom recovery.. do i need to?
    Havent needed to backup anything.
    Just done factory reset and thats where im at now.
    So what next? How do i install MIUI?

    Thanks guys