Thursday, September 11, 2014

[ROM][TESTBUILD] MIUI V5 Enhanced Version 4.8.29

This is the enhanced verion of MIUI V5 (4.8.29) for i9505.
The version ist tagged as TESTBUILD but us stable and for daily use. It runs smooth and is really fast.


-Removed Cm Camera
-Removed Kernel Tweaker

+Adbobe Flash player
+Updated Qualcomm Adreno Drivers (07.08.14)
+ Oneplus One Camera
+Trickstermod (for Kernel settings)
+Fly-On Engine
(IO Tweaks, Touchscreen tweaks, system cleaner, ram managment, sqlite optimized, zipalign, sdcard tweaks, governor tweaks and more read the post for all tweaks and inprovementslink)

+Ext4 tweaks
+Supercharged service.jar
+Trim enabled (same as SSD Trim)
+MiroExV5 icon set  


  1. Downloading to test , thanksss buddy :D

  2. Downloading now cannot wait to test it out. Thanks for all your work this is by far the best port of miui to date

  3. The same Problem with 4g after reboot!

    1. The you have to edit the apn file for your carrier. Check this site.

  4. Its Fast, the xperia keyboard lags and Battery drains so fast

    1. Better use swift key, and i have either lags nor fast battery drain. Maybe u should reinstall it with with full wipe

  5. Replies
    1. delete camera data
      wipe cache/dalvik
      fix permissions
      try again

      If still not working, make a full wipe and try again.

      Its working fine for me

  6. Good job . Would get quality recordings ? The audio on Whatsapp is horrible ..

  7. Very good job! But there is two things. I cant pull down the notification bar at lookscreen. The other thing is terrible..example when I listening to music and use the gallery app at the same time, de audio is cutting off..or switch songs. The same happens when I calling someone, as we talk I used the gallery app and her voice dissapered and came back when I stoped the gallery app. Any soulutions for this? Please fix! Anyway stuning Rom!