Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Update for Miui rom will come the next days

At the moment I have a problem with my s4...
I tried to port the i9500 version of miui Touchwiz...
And I have killed my NV partion so no data connection only WiFi is working..

I have made back from my NV and efs portion but i can not  restore nv..
It always fails by IMEI is also NULL/1

When somebody could help I would be vary thankfully for this.


  1. Try flashing baseband of modem? check this link to

  2. ANd check this too

  3. If you updated your recovery after backup, it is possible that you can not restore. If so, flash the old version and try again.

  4. flash this 2 files by odin

    its only for i9505

  5. Maybe you can try to use PIT file to repartition your S4 I9505. I wish this can help.

    Thank you for the ROM hope to see an update soon.

  6. thx but no solution is working for me....
    so i have now an samsung ipod ;)

    but i will update this rom :)

    1. go to this site and buy 6 credit for fix imei. i fix my imei time ago and work without problem ;)